The Casino Of Larmor-Plage Is Full


A very good year is starting for one casino in particular, located in Brittany. Indeed, only 4 years after its opening, the casino of Larmor-plage, which is located near Lorient, is at the top of the Breton establishments. It proudly displays a figure exceeding 11 million euros of gross gaming product and at the same time allows the brand “Kasino”, of Breton emanation, to position itself as leader on the market for indoor games in Brittany which totals 47.5 million euros in gaming products. This company, founded in 2000 by the Nantes native Alain Aupias, therefore benefits from an increase of 7.6% over one year and imposes itself while intelligently claiming here its regional identity in the world of games. All the registered sites keep their autonomy, but it was important to clearly materialize the economic dimension taken by the company. This pooling work is not new, but this new visual identity will allow customers to be better identified, strengthen their loyalty card renamed Klub, etc.

The Larmor-Plage Casino In The Lead

The young CEO of Financière Ficaudière, Hugo Corbillé, whose head office is based in Fréhel and the capital held by the businessman Alain Aupiais accompanied by Breton entrepreneurs, is pleased with this result which is according to him the fruit of ” a policy which is essentially based on a welcome offer for all types of public. He explains: “These good results confirm our desire to meet the expectations of local customers with attractive sites which, with a range of catering and entertainment, go beyond the simple world of games. “.

A concept that works thanks to shows and entertainment, but also to quality catering. This casino is in fact equipped with a superb auditorium, a very beautiful restaurant and a large parking lot. We find ourselves here facing a modern establishment offering a hundred slot machines, but also three game tables and an English roulette wheel which therefore offer a wide range of fun and winnings.

The Vannes Casino In The Footsteps Of The Larmor-Plage Casino

We also learn for the beginning of 2018, that another newborn in Morbihan is also a very nice success in the wake of that of Larmor-Plage. Indeed, the casino of Vannes also records a significant increase in profit since the explicit figures have just fallen: 9.1 million euros in 2017, against 7.7 million in 2016. Revenues all the more surprising than this casino de Vannes only opened in 2015, just one year after the one in Larmor. It is interesting to note that in 2017, only Fréhel and Quiberon posted a slight decline, with -1.5%, in the excellent results of the “Kasino” group.

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